Counsel Oaks is located in San Miguel, California, 12 miles east of Highway 101. We have a small olive grove.

When our first trees were planted in 2005, we chose three varieties: Lucca, Picholine, and Mission. In 2009, we added two more varieties: Pendolino and Frantoio.

The farm embraces 40 acres of beautiful, rolling hills dotted with oak trees. The most prominent trees, standing together on the highest hill, are called the “Counsel Oaks” .

Our label design includes a drawing of the Counsel Oaks by Maya Chung, a family friend, after she visited with us at the Christmas holiday.

We hope you enjoy our oil, which, in our humble opinion, is best described as “liquid gold”.

Miguel and Marilyn Mirano
(805) 975-6563

This season we offer additional variety in that we have three new infused flavors:  orange, lime and lemongrass.  These flavored oils have been very popular and can be used as seasoning.  They add extra zest to salads and vegetables.  Also, try any of our flavored oils drizzled over grilled chicken, fish, or other seafood, such as grilled or sauteed scallops or shrimp.  For a surprise, drizzle the orange infusion over ice cream, cream puffs, brownies.  Your creative genius can take off from there!

2010-2011 season:

Yolo County Competition–silver medal

CA Central Coast Competition–bronze medal

2009-2010 season:

Yolo County Competition–gold medal

CA Central Coast Competition–gold medal

Counsel Oaks Extra Virgin Olive Oil,   available in two sizes: 250 ml. and 375 ml. And with three new infused flavors: orange, lime and lemongrass.

Counsel Oaks Olive Oil - 375 ml